Adobe AEM CQ Course

Adobe AEM CQ5,CQ6 Training in Chennai

Best Adobe CQ5,CQ6 Training Institute in Chennai

Why Adobe AEM is more important?

Adobe Communique 5, CQ5 or AEM 6.x, is a web content management system developed by Adobe Systems. It enables the users to create, edit, manage and optimize websites. Adobe is used in multiple environment like desktop, mobile etc. It is java based tool and runs on server. Adobe CQ5 is widely used by many IT professionals and digital marketers.

Rupees 2000 /-
Recorded Videos

  • 24/7 Video access ,Chat option
  • Adobe Certified and Industry expert Trainer
  • Version- Recorded in AEM 6.1

Rupees 20,000 /-
Live one to one

  • Live training in convenient timing.
  • Adobe Certified and Industry expert Trainers
  • Version- according to the need
Why Adobe AEM / Communique 5 Training in OneYes?

- Ceritified Trainers.
- Trainers works in Top MNC in Same AEM Tool.
- Your comfortable Timing.
- Individual Coaching.
- After the training hours you can practice as much as you need,the trainers will be helping you in your practicing hours too.
- Every student will be assisted to create their own Project at the end of the session.

Total Training Hours and Timing:

- Training : 30 hours ,3 hours/ Day(10 days in total)
- Timing is upto your convenient ,Daily and Weekend Class are available.


Adobe CQ AEM Development / Content Author                                      

- Installing AEM
- Access CRXDE Lite
- Project Structure in CRXDE Lite
- Component Creation
- Template Creation
- Dialog creation
- Xtype creations
- Widget creation
- Multifield widget
- Client library
- Digital assets management adding images audio PDF
- Uploading images in crxde
- Sidekick creation
- Parsys creation
- Cq include
- Sling Include
- Xtype text field pathfield drop down checkbox
- Workflows
- Replication
- Package creation
- Java Content Repository(JCR)
- Bundle creation in CQ
- Page creation
- Live copy
- Redirect page in cq
- Map concept
- Sightly
- Design dialog creation
- Mandatory concept in widget
- Locale specific tagging.
- Integration of Java with cq
- Java connectivity with cq
- Listeners in cq
- JSTL tags use in components and dialog
- Angular Js usage in cq
- Resource resolver
- SQL query builder
- Out of box components usage

Adobe CQ AEM Admin                                       

- Adobe CQ and AEM Installation
- CQ and AEM Dispatcher Setup and coding
- CQ and AEM Replication SetUp
- MiscAdmin
- CQ Authentication
- CQ Performance Tuning
- CQ Authorization
- CQ and AEM Clustering Set UP
- CQ Maintenance

Feel free to contact for clarification : 80561 34888 / 89396 43436