Embedded System Course

Embedded System Training Institute in Chennai

Embedded System Course Centre in Chennai

Why Embedded System is important?

The importance of embedded systems is growing continuously. The growth rate in embedded systems is more than 10% per annum and it is forecasted there will be over 40 billion devices (5 to 10 embedded devices per person on earth) worldwide by 2020. Today 20% of the value of each car is attributed to embedded electronics and this will increase to an average of 35-50% by 2020. Moreover, the value added to the final product by embedded software is often orders of magnitude higher than the cost of the embedded devices themselves.

Why Embedded System Training in OneYes?

- Ceritified Trainers.
- Your comfortable Timing.
- Individual Coaching.
- After the training hours you can practice as much as you need,the trainers will be helping you in your practicing hours too.
- Every student will be assisted to create their own Project at the end of the session.

Total Training Hours and Timing:

- Training : 30 hours ,3 hours/ Day(10 days in total)
- Timing is upto your convenient ,Daily and Weekend Class are available.


Embedded System Topics                                      

- Basics of Electronics
- Introduction to Embedded Systems
- Controller overviews
- ISIS Proteus software 7.6 SPO
- ARES PCB Layout
- 3D Animated views of the circuits Simulation
- Embedded C language
- Simulation with Embedded C Language

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