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OneYes Technologies offers you final year Projects in the lastest Technologies of Embedded System, the technologies discussed below is Labview.

Why Final Year Projects in OneYes?

- Excellent Guaranteed Output.
- Full Project Support.
- Real Time Project Training.
-Placement Assistance.

LabView with Arduino Titles:

- API for communication between Labview and Arduino UNO
- Low-cost I-V tracer for photovoltaic modules and strings
- Experiential Learning of Digital Communication Using LabVIEW
- Gate driver of DC-DC boost converters using national instruments LabVIEW and Arduino
- Fire rescue system in railways using LabVIEW
- Application of Wireless Sensor Network in remote monitoring: Water-level sensing and temperature sensing, and their application in agriculture.
- Industrial Applications based Mobile Control Room Environment in Android Platform.
- Solar Power Remote Monitoring and Controlling Using Arduino and LabVIEW..
- Leg orthosis controlling and monitoring system using android.
- Realtime license plate detection using Labview.
- Realtime wireless vibration monitoring system using labview.

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