Robotics Course

Robotics Training Institute in Chennai

Robotics Course Centre in Chennai

Why Robotics?

If there is one technological advancement that would certainly make living easy and convenient, robot would be the answer. Robots are human like machines capable of doing tasks they are programmed to do. They have shown significance in decreasing human work load especially in industries.

Why Robotics Training in OneYes?

- Ceritified Trainers.
- Full Practical Training which enable you to get mastered in the Language.
- Your comfortable Timing.
- We majorly focus on giving individual training for all the students.
- After the training hours you can practice as much as you need,the trainers will be helping you in your practicing hours too.
- Every student will be assisted to create their own Project at the end of the session.
- Recognized Certificate will be provided.

Total Training Hours and Timing:

- Training : 30 hours ,3 hours/ Day(10 days in total)
- Own project : 4 Hours ,2 hours/Day(2 days in Total)
- Timing is upto your convenient ,Daily and Weekend Class are available.


BASIC TOPICS                                       


- Introduction. - Microprocessor vs Microcontroller. - Advantage. - Application. - Block diagram.


- Introduction. - Overview. - Advantage. - Microcontroller specification. - Board specification. - Pinout explanation. - Interface with software.


- Introduction. - Board configuration. - Compile and execution. - Board driver installation.


- Blink. - Fade. - Forward and Reverse. - For Loop and Array. - Forward and Reverse using For Loop and Array. - Traffic light. - RGB LED.


- Introduction. - Serial event. - Multi-Serial. - Physical pixel.


- Button. - Digital read Serial. - Digital input pullup. - State change detection.


- Displaying sensor value. - Detect obstacle and alarm. - Control servo motor.


- Security Alert system. - Displaying sensor value.


- Introduction. - Motion detector.

ROBOTS COVERED:                                       

1. Line follower robot.
2. Obstacle avoider robot using IR-sensor.
3. Light follower robot.
4. Serial communication control robot.
5. Bluetooth control robot.
6. Wired Gesture (ADXL335) control robot.
7. Wireless gesture (ADXL335) control robot.
8. RF control robot.
9. NRF24L01 transceiver robot.
10. Nodemcu Wi-Fi control robot.
11. Firefighting robot.
12. Motion detect robot.
13. Wall follower robot.
14. Obstacle avoider robot using ultra-sonic sensor.
15. IR-remote control robot.

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