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Website Development Training Institute in Chennai

Web Developement Course Centre in Chennai

Why Web Development?

In today’s business world having a website is a must for every business house. In today’s fast paced life everyone wants everything on their fingertips. Today thousands of companies sell different products online at different rates. Web design plays a vital role in such situations. Web designing is an art that appeals the users with texts and graphics. A website represents a business among its customers. Using the website for promotions and sales is a necessity in today’s world. So choose your Best Website Development Training institute in Chennai

Why Web Development Training in OneYes?

- Trainers are experienced in Web Development.
- Full Practical Training which enable you to get mastered in Web Application.
- Your comfortable Timing.
- We majorly focus on giving individual training for all the students.
- After the training hours you can practice as much as you need,the trainers will be helping you in your practicing hours too.
- Every student will be assisted to create their own Project at the end of the session.
- Recognized Certificate will be provided.

Total Training Hours and Timing:

- Training : 30 hours ,2 hours/ Day(15 days in total)
- Own project : 8 Hours ,2 hours/Day(4 days in Total)
- Timing is upto your convenient ,Daily and Weekend Class are available.



- Tools explanation -Basic tools ,Properties and options,Frames
- Basic Animations- Frame, setup, Tweens,Symbol creations,Guide
- Text Animation-Masking,Timeline effects
- Action Scripts


- Introduction & Layer Creation
- Selection & Cropping Tools
- Editing & Painting Operations
- Drawing & Path Operations
- Background & Foreground Color
- Adobe Image Ready(gif Images)
- Styles & Properties

Adobe Dreamweaver                                       

- Introduction and basics of DW
- Implementation and execution of html, css, java script in DW
- Concepts of fireworks


- Introduction to HTML
- Different tags in html and its usage
- Forms (GET & POST), its Components


- Basics of CSS
- Types of CSS
- Applying different Styles like colors,margins,padding and much more styles.,


- How to use Javascript with HTML
- Real Time Implementation of alert,prompt,confirm box and much more.,
- validation of forms


- Introduction and Installation
- SQL Commands
- DDL –Subsequent Queries
- DML –Subsequent Queries
- DQL/DRL –Subsequent Queries
- TCL –Subsequent Queries
- DCL –Subsequent Queries
- Constraints
- Administrator Control
- Keys
- Super key, Candidate key, Primary Key, Secondary Key, Non key attribute, Foreign key, Clustered key.
- Normalization
- SQL Joins
- Export and Import Features
- Working with Online Cloud Database
- Exporting and using Online Database in Local MySQL and Vice Versa.


- Introduction and Installation
- Syntax, Variables, Datatypes, Operators.
- Array Looping Function.
- Database Connections
- Executing Insert,Update,Delete queries from Frontend.
- Selecting data’s and listing out in front end in normal table.
- Working with DataTables. It includes next previous buttons, column sorting ,etc.
- Login ,Logout –Creating ,Carrying and Dropping Sessions.
- Sending E-mails.
- Working all the above works in cloud.
- Creating Users and Database Access permission for php in cloud.
- Email Integration
- Sending Thanking Emails on form Submission
- Sending form data’s to a Email.
- Sending Auto Emails on specific Time.
- Example work: Birthday wishes mail to students from College Management ,which will be sended automatically midnight 12 daily.

Domain Registration                                       

- Domain purchasing
- Hosting purchase
- Configuring NameServer in domain name
- Uploading files in C panel
- Handling PHP admin panel
- Handling Filezilla
- Mail ID Creation
- About Google Analytics
- About Google Web Master Tools
- About Google Apps

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