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Best IOT (Internet Of Things) Final Year Projects

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OneYes Technologies offers you final year Projects in the lastest Technologies of Embedded System, the technologies discussed below is Internet Of Things.

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Few Ideas and Titles

We always encourage students to bring their own titles and ideas, but we also displayed some titles below from which you can integrate your own ideas.
- Agricultural Crop Monitoring Using IOT.
- Developing Portable Instrument Based On Internet Of Things For Air Quality Information System.
- Raspberry pi based global industrial process monitoring through IOT.
- Vehicle Anti-Theft Tracking System Based On Internet Of Things.
- Smart Pill remainder and dispensing machine using IOT.
- Stress detector and reducer wearable device using IOT.
- IOT Based Smart Health Monitoring And Alert System.
- IOT based industry machine monitoring system using Raspberry pi
- IOT based industry machine monitoring system using ESP-12E
- Embedded based home automation with appliance control and power consumption analysis using IOT.
- Health Monitoring and Management Using IoT Sensing With Cloud-based Processing.
- RFID-based Production Data Analysis in an IOT-enabled Smart Job-shop.
- Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IOT-enabled Smart Cities.
- SPARK: Smart Power Assessment Rendering Kit.
- Smart Monitoring for Soldier Health and Location.
- IOT Based Autonomous vehicle with the aid of computer vision using Raspberry pi
- We-Care: An IOT-based Health Care System for Elderly People.
- Robot Assistant in Management of Diabetes in Children Based on the Internet of Things.
- IOT Based EMG Monitoring System.
- IOT Based Smart System for Controlling Co2 Emission.
- MCU-based Battery Management System for Fast Charging of IOT-based Large-Scale Battery-Cells.
- IGuard: An Intelligent IOT based Security System for Server Rooms in Industries.
- IOT Based Fuel Monitoring For Future Vehicles.
- IOT Based Remote Controlled Robot using Android.
- Analysis of Power Consumption Efficiency on Cloud-Based Wireless Health Monitoring Systems
- Need for wireless fire detection systems using IOT.
- Analysis and Control of Hand Tremor Using IOT.
- IOT Color Based Product Sorting Machine Project.

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