Intern for cse It MCA

Best Internship in chennai for CSE IT MCA

Internship for CSE IT MCA

Internship in OneYes

OneYes offers a way for the students to work with live application by offering a internship program. We will be encouraging the students to work with Real time projects.

Why Internship in OneYes is so important?

- We organize Job Fair for our Internship attended Students every Year. Look about our Job Fair Event.>> CLICK HERE.

- List of companies who comes to ONEYES campus for Recruitment.>> CLICK HERE.

- We conduct many technical competition at regular intervals for our students and in our personal interest we train them to compete in many such technical events. >> Hackathon 2019, Hackathon 2018 and Hackathon 2017.

- Analyse our Feedback which we got from Various Colleges >> CLICK HERE.

- We have listed our Achievements and Awards. >> CLICK HERE.

Intern Domains:

    9.45am to 1.00pm

    Arduino IDE – Blink led- Temperature and Ultrasonic sensor - PHP -MYSQL- IOT Based Liquid Level Monitoring System and Temperature Monitoring System,etc.

  • Web Development

    9.45am to 1.00pm

    HTML - Javascript - PHP - MySQL - Database Connectivity (Save ,Update,Delete and Selecting Data from MySQL) - Domain and Hosting, etc.

  • JAVA

    9.45am to 1.00pm

    OOPS Concepts- Exception Handling- JAVA Swing - MySQL - Database Connectivity (Save ,Update,Delete and Selecting Data from MySQL), etc.


    1.45pm to 5.00pm

    Pyboard Pin diagram–IDE-Toggle Led & RGB–Looping–Button–ADC & DAC – PWM – Sensors-7 segment–Servo control–Delay & Timing–Timers–External Interrupts,etc.


    1.45pm to 5.00pm

    Python Syntax-Python Libraries matplot,scipy,numpy,sci-kit - Machine learning types - Algorithms - Mathematical Calculation - Advantages - Applications,etc.


    1.45pm to 5.00pm

    Pin diagram –Comparison of PI boards- Interfacing I/O devices – OS installation & Configuration- Linux admin cmd basics –Python IDE –Led –Switch –Sensors,etc.

About the Training

-You can choose one domain as per your Wish, the complete training will be held in that one choosen domain only.
-Internship in OneYes will be of full practical sessions,Students will be made to work individually.
-You can fix your own date of Training.
-Hostel arrangements are made for the students who are coming from out of chennai.
-Since the Office is located near Koyambedu(CMBT) Bus Depo ,it is a very convenient place to access.

Total Training Hours and Timing:

- Training : 20-30 hours , can be attended in 2 types.
   Type 1: 2-3 hours/ Day(10 days in total)
   Type 2: 4-6 hours/ Day(5 days in total)
- Only in semester Leave, Timing is upto your convenient ,Daily and Weekend Schedules are available.

Contact us for further clarification:
Phone : 80561 34888 / 96001 96528
Mail ID :